Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll was the catchphrase. It’s what we did growing up in the seventies.

Stroke, Forbes, and Ankle became my life over a 48-hour period in June. I had two interviews published in Forbes. My dad, at 92 years old, suffered a serious stroke. I badly twisted my ankle. My dad was the primary caregiver for my mom, who has late stage Alzheimer’s. He was hospitalized and then released to recover at home. Overnight I became the manager of two fragile elders, responsible for running their house and care-giving. My ankle injury prevented me from doing my workouts on the treadmill and made the daily tasks of caregiving that much harder.

Careful, Thoughtful, and Mindful are the three things that Gary, a coaching client, committed to embodying more when he interacts with clients. When I asked Gary what he wanted more of, he knew immediately and just blurted out those three things: careful, thoughtful and mindful.

Gratitude, Branding, and If Only are the three areas I focus on when coaching leaders. Branding helps them get clear on who they authentically are, and to align it to how the world sees them. We search for their If Only. If Only is the skill, experience or thing that would enable the success that they want. Gratitude because innovation, engagement, and an open mind are available when a leader uses an approach of gratitude.

What do these all have in common? They are all three! The rule of three says that when there is a trio it is more fun, satisfying and effective. It helps us to remember and create a pattern. It’s simple and catchy.

Taking a cue from Gary, I’m changing my three. Stroke, Forbes, and Ankle keep me focused on what happened to me and what I couldn’t control. I’ve replaced these three with Patience, Adaptability, and Gratitude.  These three I believe will help me better in moving through this new alignment of work and life balance.

Here are my three tips:

1.        Find three things to focus on. Repeat your three a lot!

2.        Make them things you want more of, to do more, or to have more consistently.

3.        Make them things you can control.

I wish you gratitude, peace, and love.