Positive Results for Smart Leaders Ready for the Next Level


Focused and customized solutions for your professional and personal growth. Measurable success using a proven process based on experience and project management methodology.  Click here to learn more about our leadership coaching process and how we measure success. Star works with:

  • Leaders who are ready to discover and act on what needs to be done to move to the next level.
  • Leaders with a technical background (IT, Dev, Bio, Medical, Project and Program Managers, Accountants, Scientists, Engineers).
  • Senior Managers and Director level ready to advance to Vice President.

Your growth is accelerated when working with a coach. The focus is on what matters most with clear actionable steps.   Star has a wealth of experience and reference material ready to adapt for your success. Star will help you get clarity, strategize, positively support you, keep you accountable, and be there when it gets challenging.


What our clients said they liked about the coaching experience:

“If you are looking for a compassionate but firm coach – STOP LOOKING..Star is that person.”

In just one hour you have given me good tools to practice, and you prepared me.” 

 “The chance to have a no-judgement sounding board. To talk about my fears in a neutral setting where we could cast a light on them and see that once in the open view; they were not usually that big a deal.”

“Star is a terrific coach — energetic and supportive. Her insights into complex business situations have been extremely helpful.”

Yesterday’s coaching went extremely well and was upbeat. The right kind of challenge can be fun.”


  • Proven and measurable results
  • Trusted and confidential advisors
  • Ability to translate and bridge the technical and logical to the traditional softer skills
  • Practical, direct, bottom-line focus on results
  • Non-judgmental, open, and supportive
  • Focused on strengths and on developing potential
  • Wide breadth and depth of industries and experienced coaches
  • Ability to operate in complex environments
  • Savvy and strategic
  • Abundance of helpful resources
  • Professional certified coaches


  • Performance acceleration
  • Building confidence as a leader
  • Stressful, chaotic, challenging, and complex environments and projects
  • Skill building: communication, delegation, facilitation, negotiation, strategy, influence, conflict resolution, influencing, project management, managing up, showing value, being strategic
  • Difficult and important relationships and conversations
  • New job or responsibilities, new managers, new director
  • Improve team performance
  • Being stuck with difficult obstacles and challenges to be overcome
  • Leadership branding
  • Enhance leadership, management, and coaching skills


  • Goal setting and planning sessions
  • 12 hours of coaching in 60-, 45-, or 30-minute increments
  • Duration of 6-12 months
  • Access to the coach between coaching sessions
  • Accountablity with relevant homework between sessions
  • Additional learning resources
  • Optional: Integrated with training and a mentor programs
  • Optional: 360-degree feedback from peers, direct reports, and executives



We have a four-step coaching process that ensures visible success and that can grow with you and your team.


To see if we are a fit for each other & to request a customized Leadership Coaching Proposal feel free to Contact Us