Positive Results for Smart Leaders Ready for the Next Level

Leadership Coaching is like having a personal trainer to help you succeed. Coaching can be powerful and transformational. We start and build on your authentic leadership style to move you faster to the next level in a sustainable way that lasts for a lifetime. We take into consideration your current situation.

Partnering with Star you’ll create clear goals and intentions and try out different strategies and behaviors that achieve results. We’ll provide tools, resources, structure, and accountability for your success.

We use a proven 4 step process of clarity, commitment, consistency, and celebrate, it’s based on decades of project management practice and teaching. First, we create clarity on your desired outcomes and intentions. Then we create measurable goals, strategies, and habits with a realistic plan that you can commit to. We are experts at identifying patterns and discovering blind spots. Optionally, with permission, we may ask others for input about you, using a 360-feedback tool or personal interviews.

Through consistent coaching sessions we explore, evaluate, and adjust as needed. We know how to make the intangibles visible and quickly focus in on what’s important. It requires a commitment and consistency to learning and trying. Knowing and acting in alignment with who you are and who you want to become is the key to success.

These programs are not for everyone. We will be there when you are ready to believe, achieve, perform, or transform.  

Below are details on our 4 coaching programs, a chart, and FAQ’s. 

Leadership Coaching Programs


Do you believe using a short-term coaching partner will help you figure it out or address a challenge? Examples: a new project or job, new or updated strategy, a challenging situation or skill building. We will quickly assess and identify goals and strategies that will resolve the challenge and help you perform at a higher level. Includes: 5 hours of virtual coaching and relevant resources.


Are you ready to level up and achieve success using your leadership style to adapt, learn and apply as needed? We partner with you to increase self-awareness, improve confidence, and learn the skills necessary to be a more confident, stronger and empowering leader. Includes: Initial goal setting and planning sessions, a total of 10 virtual coaching, and relevant resources and coaching during the engagement.



For experienced leaders who are ready to achieve success using their leadership style. These leaders have already achieved a level of success. We partner with you to increase self-awareness, improve confidence, get unstuck, and learn the skills necessary to build the trust in teams and organizations needed for peformance. Includes: 14 hours of virtual coaching.

An optional 360 feedback tool and/or personal interviews available. Optionally includes the coach interacting with a sponsor or mentor in service of the leader’s success.


For leaders who are ready and must transform to succeed. You are committed and willing to learn and dedicate time to transform your leadership to achieve positive and lasting changes. We partner with you to ensure success by learning the skills, behaviors, and habits needed. Includes: 24 hours of virtual coaching.   Optionally includes 360 feedback tool and/or personal interviews.

May have the coach interacting with a sponsor.   This program also includes a half day transformation 1×1 with Star. Examples of leaders who have completed this program are: Leading a highly visible program or a bet your business program, a new leader/manager who moved to the USA from another country or a key employee that must succeed and the company wants to retain.

Leadership Coaching Programs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create measurable goals for soft skills, like influencing and delegating?

We use a scale of 1-10, with 10 being mastery. The leader (and raters if 360 feedback is done) says what level they are at now and why. We define as precisely as we can what the levels and set a goal for improvements. Here’s a paper Star wrote on the topic of, Making Intangibles, Tangible.

What if I need something outside a program in the four programs?

Contact us to customize a program that meeting your needs. All programs come with a built-in extension that can be executed if needed. We frequently add custom coaching packages on to our workshops that help sustain the learnings.

How long before I see results?

It’s up to you! While we are working in each coaching session. It’s up to you to apply and commit to the changes in behaviors, goals, or processes. The more you put into your success, the faster it will occur.

How long is a coaching session and how long does a program last?

In the chart, we say a typical coaching session is 55 minutes because most are. We will adjust the length of coaching session based on what works best for your time constraints, learning style, goals. For example, reviewing and giving feedback on a presentation may take 90 minutes. Creating a new habit of daily planning maybe a 5-minute call for 10 days. How long a program lasts depends how frequently we coaching sessions are. For example, 10 sessions every 2 weeks generally takes 4-6 months. Note the Transform Program includes a half day of coaching.

Do you have some examples of from real clients?

There are hundreds of stories of success, large and small. Some surprising. Here’s a few.

How can you tell if someone is ready to be coached?

If you are ready to make and commit to a change that’s a great start. In addition what makes a person ready is: a wiliness to learn, be open, uncomfortable trying new things, and dedicated time for coaching and the resultant actions

What do you not do as a coach?

We are not a business coach. We will help you figure strategies to create positive and lasting changes but do not consult or tell you how to run your business. We are not health, wellness, or relationship coaches and sometimes will explore these areas if they seems to be blocking success.

Will Star be my coach?

Maybe. Yes, if you and Star believe there will benefit. We believe in abundance and that there is the right coach out there for you. It’s highly recommended that you interview at least 3 coaches before selecting who you want to work with. If Star is not the right match for you, she will tell you right away and may refer you to another coach. The other coach may work under Star Leadership or if it’s area of expertise Star Leadership doesn’t focus on, like career counseling – she will pass on her recommendations.

What are some examples of successful Leadership Coaching results?

  • Improved Skills: Delegation, presentation skills, negotiation, influence, delegation, project and project management, working at a higher level, managing managers
  • Challenging and Complexity Handled: Stressful, tough, tight deadlines, projects, programs that needs attention, changing and uncertainty
  • Relationships Improved: Difficult and important relationships improved or repaired
  • Advancement: Promotion, bonuses, new and better assignments
  • Team and Processes more effective: Perform at a measurable higher level, more innovative, engaged
  • Leadership Confidence: Executive presence, calmer and more confident