Leadership Workshops

We call them workshops because participants work!

They have fun working to learn in an interactive way. 

Participants leave with tools and actions they can use now and a plan for keeping the learning alive.

To ensure the lessons stick,  we highly recommend follow-on accountablity coaching.

 It can be as simple as a virtual check-in weeks or months after the workshop.


We guarantee each participant will walk away with at least one (usually more) immediately useful tool or tip.

Contact us to request a proposal and agenda for workshops (virtual and face to face).




Gratitude is the simple secret to improving innovation and creating healthier, positive, forward-moving individuals, teams, and organizational cultures. When we lead with gratitude, our focus, the problems we solve, and the solutions are better. Learn how, as a leader, to use and build gratitude into your leadership brand and team. We start with a Gratitude Assessment at Star Leadership. If you can measure it, we can improve it.


Coaching is a process that facilitates productive changes. It does this through conscious interactions focused on learning, improving, and delivering business results. A coach can help guide, create, and monitor processes for individuals and teams to take purposeful actions in achieving goals. Coaching is an approach and skill that can be used by managers and leaders. Research has shown that successful organizational change and learning initiatives can be directly related to coaching.

This workshop is the first step in honing existing coaching skills or learning coaching. The participant will experience being coached, learn coaching skills, and become familiar with coaching tools. They’ll also learn when it is appropriate or not to use coaching.


Facilitative Leadership is a people-centered process of developing and supporting quality goals through effective relationships. The facilitative leader creates a positive environment that gets results now, while building a team to be even more productive in the future. The facilitative leader has a strong sense of self, can effectively coach others, and is a catalyst for those around them.

In this highly interactive workshop, we model facilitative leadership in the context of the participants’ current projects. A one-day workshop for 20 participants consists of five modules that build on each other: Project Management, Leadership Branding, Facilitation, Coaching, and Influencing.


Leading, coaching, and managing are similar, yet different. Each is an action that creates different results and will have a different impact, and each requires similar skills, yet each is applied differently. Being aware of your natural style and determining which actions to take is complex and challenging. By being aware, more is possible.