I have been involved with our company’s mentoring program since its inception, long enough to see some of my mentees participating as mentors (LOL!). We implemented this program to promote employee retention and internal networking and preserve our core values as the company expands. Star, your approach to facilitating this program is great! You cover a lot of ground quickly and provide good examples and activities which help us to retain the information presented. The programming atmosphere is relaxed and fun and helps keep things light but relevant. I recognize the value of our mentoring program and very much appreciate your contribution toward its continued success. — Michael A. Smith, PE Team Leader, Weston & Sampson Engineers

Star provided the perfect balance as a coach – nudging and encouraging me to take action, without ever being judgmental or impatient. She was curious about my ideas, dug deep to help me clarify what I really wanted, and was always excited for what I accomplished. I feel like I finally have a solid vision for my business and a clear path to achieving my goals. Thanks Star! — Allyson Lee, Eleko Coaching & Consulting

Star, your perspective and training has deeply influenced my professional and personal growth. How many times can I say ‘Thank You’? — Kathleen Melanson, Deputy Director, Benefit Coordination & Recovery, Center for Health Care Financing, State of Massachusetts

Star you’ve been terrific in all aspects. I appreciated your experience, feedback, and your candor. This coaching experience was a great opportunity and very timely for me. I needed some help with navigating through some rough situations and you provided me a sounding board, suggestions, techniques, and honest feedback. I liked the pace, the flexibility, and all the topics we covered in the coaching sessions. — Nadine Williams-Edwards C.B.C.P., Cloud Disaster Recovery Program, Kronos Inc.

Working with Star has given me tools that I can use to empower myself to continually improve my work performance. I entered into the coaching relationship with Star thinking it would be just like all the other ‘new’ stuff I had learned. Ask the right questions, get the right answers, and voila you are now the perfect manager. In actuality, what I have learned with Star is nothing like the rote method of memorizing answers to questions. Instead of learning how to ‘be’ a manager, I am learning how to ‘think’ through situations that need my management and influence. I have learned how my beliefs influence my thinking and that when a belief is not productive, I can look for an alternate belief that has more power. I have learned to value my values as a leader and how to use those values to guide my decision making.— Dawna Daley, Engineering Manager, Kronos Inc.

She has the ability to get to the bottom line. She will help you plan out your life until you are 90 and outline steps for getting there and push you towards that goal. She is so intense I started sweating. She helped me to focus. — Elaine Jackson – President, Wordsmiths Toastmasters, Hewlett-Packard Company, Marlborough, MA

Working with a coach has given me the opportunity to be a more-reflective practitioner. When I meet with Star, I often am able to work through some troubling issue and come up with solid ideas and potential solutions that are not always obvious in the hurry-up, day-to-day busyness of our world. Star’s ability to listen, facilitate, analyze, and ask questions helps me to deepen my focus, reflect, and envision next steps. — DGB, Superintendent of Schools

Star helps you clearly and coherently define step-by-step solutions to problems that previously felt ambiguous and obscure. Goals are attainable and the process moves forward!! — Patricia, Wellness Counseling and Consulting

My involvement in being coached was a direct result of being promoted as a new manager for my team. My coach (Star) made me think about things I had not thought of as a manager and made me see things from other perspectives. She always gave great guidance and tips that I was able to put into action immediately. She listened and got me to “focus” on the important stuff. The experience has helped me build my confidence and my abilities and validate that I am on the path I was meant to be. — Marcy Downer, Talent Acquisition Manager

Through a phone conversation with Star, we were able to target the problem between two co-teachers, develop strategies to communicate respectfully, and allow both teachers to feel empowered. — Janine Robichaud, Site Director of The Children’s Center Kittery, Maine

Star is masterful at helping people look deep within themselves to find and examine problems; find solutions and take the steps needed to overcome challenges. Star’s approach helps to build competence, and perhaps more importantly, confidence. This is the essence of coaching. — Brian Logue, VP HR Concerto Software, Inc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Star over the last several months. Star combines great facilitation and great listening, and is clearly an accomplished coach. She has helped me effectively think through some complex areas of my life. Overall, Star has helped me understand myself better. Specifically, she has helped me cultivate the courage to pursue my passions as a professional. I feel a lot more confident and in control of my future since I started working with Star. I highly recommend her as a professional coach. — Stan Ward, Software Products Entrepreneur

As I stand in front of customers, I hear Star’s voice in my head saying “but what does this mean? Why do they care about it – how do I make it concrete and fit for them? What do they get out of this, what does it matter to them?” This little voice recently guided me in a conference presentation that led to closing a sales with a new customer. — Stefanie Heiter, CEO HeiterConnect, Inc.

Talking with Star helped me to get my ideas out of my head and in front of me so that I could allow them to take form and put them to work to help me with my business. — Lyle Webster, Owner Building Momentum, Inc.

Coaching as a process is impossible to separate out from you as a person, Star. Your work with me has felt incredibly supportive, stimulating, fun, and challenging. It’s been some of the hardest work I’ve done in quite a while. This is no small compliment, because I feel I have worked hard on my sense of self and on the acquisition of wisdom for most of my years. — Mark Shelford, Manager Psychiatric Services

Coaching helped me to focus, calm down, and understand my values not give up on them, and create steps to get where I wanted. — Independent Marketing Consultant

The client who crosses paths with Star can have great opportunities. I feel blessed that I found Star through the networking group and then became a client. Her leadership helped me with important changes in my life, brought me closer to my goals, and brought awesome women into my life. My gushiness is heartfelt and sincere. — Kelly Dvareckas – ELL Teacher

I accomplished a tremendous amount with Star’s support. I wrote a book while maintaining a full practice and keeping my life fun and balanced. Star asks good questions, and listens with her intuition as well as her rational mind, providing insightful feedback on a regular basis. Simply put, Star is a great coach. — Ryan Eliason, Life and Business Success Coach