Gratitude is my religion. It didn’t always used to be.  I used to be “fine” a lot!  That’s New England speak for not showing emotions, working hard, and not talking about it.  “Fine” is a generic catch-all for “there is nothing more to say,” and it covers the entire range of possible answers. “Fine” is not gratitude. “Fine” is the generic answer for “move on”, “do not say more”, “do note think about it”, “chin up” and “move ahead”

Research exists to prove the positive benefits of gratitude.  While gratitude is not a cure all, studies have shown these benefits: boosting your immune system, better mental health, improved performance, sleeping better, and improved relationships.  This article has a nice summary of the benefits 

I moved away from being fine all the time, by creating a daily practice of gratitude. By acknowledging the reality, the pain and being grateful, I say fine less.  Gratitude I believe helped me heal emotionally, during a tough time in my life, and physically, when I broke my ankle.  My recommendation is to build a daily gratitude practice.  I have a check list of twelve suggestions to get you started or to add to what you already.  I’ll send you the link when you sign up for our newsletter.  

I’m curious, what’s your gratitude practice?