New Virtual Event Series!

Moving to Virtual: Leaders, Teams, Projects, and Facilitating

The coronavirus outbreak has made knowing how to lead and work virtually a requirement for corporations. We’ve been teaching and leading virtually for decades and in 2014 started teaching NASA how to lead teams virtually. Inquire about these workshops to improve your skills.


Virtual Leader Workshop 

“Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone”, said John Maxwell. The virtual world requires more leadership. Learn what your natural style is and how to leverage it in the virtual world. Every interaction is an opportunity to create culture, inspire, and motivate. Successful leaders create positive teams that deliver quality results. It can be done virtually if you know some of the techniques. Join us, learn how, and have fun!

Virtual Teams Workshop

Virtual teams shift and change frequently. By proactively being able to diagnose and create a culture will improve a team’s chances of success. Line of sight, culture, and operational challenges can be overcome and managed. Simple tools you’ve always used and know can be transformed into powerful ways to move forward.

Virtual Project Management

The best project managers have a large tool belt and know what tools to use when. In this workshop, we will take out the best tools across multiple methodologies, such as waterfall, agile, and lean. We’ll show how you can use them virtually in managing the unknown.

Facilitating Virtually

A great facilitator ensures that the wisdom of the group is made visible and acted on. A great facilitator becomes the glue that holds and shapes the group. Without a great facilitator, millions of dollars a day are wasted. We will review some of the essential foundational tools as they apply virtually and cover things like popcorn, ouch, argh, and the skill of respectfully interrupting. The goal is to create interactive and trusting environments.

Laser Coaching

Get to the root cause quickly! Laser Coaching focuses on surfacing the desired outcomes and ends with holding the person accountable to the outcomes. This technique is based on project management and coaching models. You will learn the six steps of laser coaching and specific phrasing. You will see and try an example of laser coaching.

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