Don’t blink!   A circular 3.5 inch hard round object is coming at your face at 80 mph, along with five really big guys, and there is a loud drunk trying to get your attention. Can you stay focused on the black object and stop it from going into the net behind you? Or should you duck and pay attention instead to the fire alarm that is going off and the smoke you smell?

Mastering the art and science of being able to hold your focus in the moment is a skill that is both an art and a science.  It can be the differentiator between success and failure.

It took Kevin almost two years to learn how to not blink when the puck would come at him. Kevin was a hockey goalie in high school and he was motivated. The motivation to be an NHL goalie is gone now, but his laser-like focus remains.  Whether it’s training to be an NHL hockey goalie or delivering projects, getting a promotion, or achieving any goal, it requires the skill of focus, lots of practice, and motivation.   And sometimes learning a new skill can be uncomfortable, painful, and messy.

I love this video and use it in workshops, to start a discussion about focus, being too focused and not being focused enough.   I missed it, the first time I saw this video, did you?