We offer a wide variety of engaging, inspiring and relevant topics.

It’s interactive, based on real life experience, facts, fun, and practical.

Here’s a sampling of the topics:

  • Leadership: One Movie Clip at a Time
  • Team Coaching: A Game Changer
  • Leading, Coaching, Managing: Which Hat to Wear?
  • Alignment and Development of Ideas and Vision for Projects
  • Leadership ABC’s: Keys for Leaders
  • Project Management for all Shapes and Sizes
  • Making the Intangibles Tangible: Using Project Management to Manage Intangibles
  • Coaching is an Approach for Managers and Leaders
  • High Performing Teams and Individual Styles as an Asset
  • Women and Leadership: Lean In and Lean Out
  • Communication:  Creating Proactive Professional Relationship for Business

Watch this excerpt of Star speaking at the National Speakers Association New England in Waltham, MA: