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Elements has been published since 2001, here’s some of the past newsletters –

Petri Dishes, Leaders, and Gratitude– December 2016

G is for Generalist– June 2016

G is for Grateful – April 2016

F is for Focus– February 2016

E is for Exiting Top 10 Strategies– November 2015

E is for Exiting and Entering– October 2015

D is for Doing– April 2015

C is for Communication– March 2015

B is for Balance– January 2015

A is for Awareness– January 2015

Z is for Zoo – October 2014

V is for Vision– May 2013

Love them or hate them, we all   benefit by being clear about them.  Leaders need them.    They take many forms.  Successful leaders use and apply   values and vision.   Vision is the destination that you, your   project, or company is heading.  Values are choices on that path   that bring you to the vision.

U is for Understanding – March 2013

Great   leaders understand. They understand the needs and wants and hopes of others.   They understand themselves, their goals, and visions. They understand how to   concisely and simply state the reality and complexity of a situation.    Read about a workplace misunderstanding, beliefs and conflicts.

T is for Time – October 2012

Like Goldilocks, we search for our “just right”  time.   It’s always too short or too long. Read about reflections on time, a time junkie confession, tips on time management, and quotes on time.

S is for Simple – May 2012

Simply put, it includes:

  • Thoughts on simplification
  • Three cases – a leader, a  manager, and an empty nester
  • Simplification starting with known and unknowns
  • Quotes on simplification
  • New article on Virtual Teams

R is for Risk – February 2012

In this edition there are tools for managing risk, using examples such as when asking for a raise, and trying to cross the streets of Trinidad.  You’ll find info and links on how to build your risk muscles in the “Risk Gym” section.  As  always, you’ll also find my favorite quotes on risk, and a few video links.