“Doing” is what moves you, a team, or a community forward (or backwards).

Doing is taking action, performing, or executing.

Here are some other definitions of doing:
• The opposite of being
• Making something happen
• Moving towards a goal or vision
• Manifestation of thought
• Turning ideas into reality

What’s your definition of doing?

Answering these questions may help you uncover your definition of and beliefs about doing:

Where is all this “doing” taking me and when will I get there?
ME: I’m not sure and I have a direction I’m heading in, based on a vision with some goals. YOU?

What is the right balance of doing and being?
ME: I struggle with too much doing and not enough being, I’m practicing just being. Wish me luck on meditation. YOU?

Nike encourages us to “Just do it.” Do you believe that?
ME: I’d rather do some planning first, rather than being lost in the middle of the woods (something that has actually happened to me!). YOU?

Leaders do it in an inspiring and motivating way.

ME: Yes, I believe that and it’s something I study, teach, and practice, because being inspiring and motivating doesn’t come naturally to me. I do also practice “being” – being present, being centered. This edition of Elements offers you 10 tips for effective doing.

Effective Doing

To create successful “doing” – movement towards desired results – there must be relevant and effective skills, knowledge, and desire. Successful doing can be described as being in the flow. “Flow” is the perfect moment of integrated doing and being that moves things forward. Effective doing is being on target, on task, engaged and learning.

What Prevents Us from Doing?

What stops one person from doing may be someones inspiration to action.  Which conditions in the grid below STOP you from doing and which ones INSPIRE you to do?


Leaders are calm, comfortable, and confident with doing things that are new, unknown, exciting, or challenging, and in uncertain situations.

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Action Word and Brick Wall in Background