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SMART Gratitude Template

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Leadership Tools:

Developing a Leadership Brand: A Path for BEING and DOING

Online assessment tools for sale as individuals or part of a training:

Leadership DiSC 363 Personal Assessment – Sample Report of  Leaders 363

  • Leadership is influenced by a variety of factors such as character, life experiences, cognitive abilities, and maturity
  • Focus is on the interpersonal aspects of leadership
  • Eight approaches that contribute to leadership success
  • Understanding yourself is the first step to becoming more effective when leading others
  • Unlimited number of inputs welcome, recommended is 8-12

Team Profile Version 2.0 – Discover the approach you currently use with teams – Sample Report of TeamProfileV2

  • Identify your most comfortable role on a team
  • Develop strategies that will help you work on a team to create, refine, advance, and implement new ideas
  • Determine effective ways to balance, integrate, and capitalize on the different strengths of each team member
  • Create a realistic and relevant action item based on your learning, and practice the identified new skill or behavior

Time Management – Identify your time management strengths and gaps

  • Analyze your habitual time management behaviors
  • Determine with the provided guide  where you could improve time behaviors
  • Works with identified categories of what is most important for your job
  • Covers meetings, delegation, scheduling, planning, procrastination

Personal Listening Style

  • Understand how often you use certain listening approaches
  • To communicate effectively select the approach appropriate
  • Focus on the purpose of the communication
  • Understand the motivation
  • Be aware of the behavioral indicators

DiSC® Classic V2 

  • Increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Discover your unique behavioral style
  • See your tendencies, needs, preferred environment and strategies for effectiveness
  • Become more aware of your potential strengths and weaknesses

Click HERE for sample report

DiSC® Action Planners – Sales, Customer Service, Management, and Managing Performance

These action planners map the behavioral profile of the DiSC® to specific actions, insights and ideas for Sales, Customer Service, Management or Managing Performance. Addressed is how the different behavior styles can best interact around: planning, initiating, interacting, responding to concerns, gaining shared commitment and follow through.