Working, Leading, Managing and Coaching for Results in a Virtual Environment

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Leaders, Leadership, and You – Many struggle with how to be an effective leader in an authentic way in their environment. Leadership doesn’t come naturally to most people, yet it is required now more than ever! This training teaches the three components of leadership – Who, What, and How. When these components are aligned, you can arrive at your destination with increased speed and ease.

Leading, Coaching, or Managing: Which Hat to Wear and When? Leading, coaching, and managing are similar, yet different. Each is an action that creates different results and will have a different impact, and each requires similar skills, yet each is applied differently. Being aware of your natural style and determining which actions to take is complex and challenging. By being aware more is possible.

Communication: Your Way – The majority of misunderstandings and conflicts are the result of poor communication. Most communication is done without understanding its impact. In this interactive training, the participant reviews what is working, and how to improve what isn’t, for more effective communication. A wide variety of skills are covered.

Team Workshop – High performing teams build stronger trusting bonds, this will increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency. This highly interactive workshop gives team members tools, techniques, activities, and dialogue that will allow them to engage and support each other.

The Performing Coach – When problems seem insurmountable, a coaching approach can create powerful insights that lead to breakthroughs. Coaching facilitates sustainable and productive results. This hands-on training teaches how and when to use a coaching approach as well as some of the top required coaching skills.

Meeting Challenges: Facilitating for Results – Over 40% of managers’ time is spent in unproductive meetings, and 9 out of 10 people report daydreaming in meetings. When you learn what you can change in meetings, and how, the results can be dramatic. Meetings are tools to improve productivity and get better results. This training teaches the 3 keys to successful meeting facilitation using animal identities to illustrate behavior, protect confidentially, and have fun.

Managing and Working in a Matrix – In a matrix organization, multiple priorities and relationships can be challenging, complex, and feel like chaos. A successful matrix is all about focus and balance. Results and quality and relationship all must be kept intact. The key skills needed for success are taught in this training.

Managing Project for Non-Project Managers  – Project Management is the art and science of getting projects done and successfully balancing multiple demands from people, budget, time and resources.  This training introduces basic project management concepts that can be applied immediately.    The slide deck used for this workshop is available for sale.

Time Management:  Your Way – Deadlines and too much to do are a major source of stress and frustration. By learning to more effectively manage your time  and your priorities, it is possible to reduce the frustration and enjoy  the larger context of your work and your life. Come have some fun in a hands-on and practical approach to time management. Effective time management is different for everyone, because everyone has different priorities and ways of working. This course will address many different methods and styles. Strategies and ideas for managing your time will be discussed. Come prepared to discuss your time management challenges.

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